ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from Oct. 26 to Nov. 29.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


1344 West Main St., Ashland; Jeremy S. and Adina L. Fox to Alex Schutt and Tara Rodgers; $215,000.

1972 Stone Ridge Drive, Ashland; Jeffery L. Hawks to Gregory P. and Diedre T. Bartemes; $310,000.

11 East Ninth St., Ashland; Richard A. Brown to Luke J. Brown; $75,000.

932 Sandusky St., Ashland; Christopher D. Stackhouse to William D. Miller III and Ashley N. Miller; $150,000.

1114 Monroe St., Ashland; Douglas A. Patton to Mannon Properties LLC; $106,250.

1620 King Road, Ashland; Cory and Katelyn M. Glembot to Hidden House Limited; $345,000.

434 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Courtney and Scott Saner to Constance Leiter; $197,500.

316 Pleasant St., Ashland; Freddie Hugh Martin Jr. to Wendy Y. Maust; $22,200.

1537 Arrow Drive, Ashland; AVLD LLC to Thomas Shedan; $240,400.

961 Beechwood Drive, Ashland; David R. and Marty S. Marsh to Roger Tobias; $302,000.

33 acres of vacant land along Township Road 1186; MAG Investments Inc. to City of Ashland, Ohio; $625,000.

908 Luray Drive, Ashland; Julie A. Salmons and Amy J. Caudy to James L. and Katherine S. Jones; $207,000.

711 Keen Ave., Ashland; Jarrod E. Vance to Lane Fry; $135,000.

1605 Arrow Drive, Ashland; AVLD LLC to Sharla J. Recinella and Shawne R. Brown; $241,900.

233 Highland Blvd., Ashland; Shirley A. Denbow to Jeremiah and Lisa Lang; $97,500.

507 West 10th St., Ashland; Alan G. and Patricia E. Cogar to Four Rivers Properties LLC; $17,000.

270 Sandusky St., Ashland; Ashland Professional Building LLC to Ashland Parenting Plus; $280,000.

915 Hale Ave., Ashland; Galazka LLC to Clarence M. and Erin L. Higbee; $175,000.

825 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Jerry R. and Julia A. Flora to Carolyn A. Carnahan; $240,500.

526 Vine St. and 445 Diamond St., Ashland; Perry’s Rental LLC to SKOR Properties LLC; $85,000.

513-515 Taylor St., Ashland; Exit 186 Holdings LLC to HSI Investments LLC; $118,000.

1012-1040 Columbus Circle North, Ashland; M&L Properties LLC to Granjico LLC; $1,850,000.

835 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Eleanor Wells to Gary and Cheryl Hildebrand Trustees; $250,000.

949 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Nancy Lee Hadaway to Jerry D. and Mary Lou Hartley; $228,500.

33-35 East Ninth St., Ashland; Mike D. and Vickie K. Heitzman to James Tucker; $80,000.

1245 Smith Road, Ashland; Douglas L. and Cathy A. Smart to Aaron C. and Taylor F. Ryan; $92,000.

328 Keen Ave., Ashland; Jennifer N. Krupar Rettig to Kelly M. Yutzy; $126,500.

332 Vine St., Ashland; Perry’s Rentals LLC to Michael and Joy Paigo; $50,000.

1062 Commerce Parkway, Ashland; Edward D. Howman to Light Eagle LLC; $925,000.

842 West Main St., Ashland; Shawn A. Hamons to Dustin G. Simpson; $169,000.

47 Samaritan Ave., Ashland; Charles D. Gepper to Austin Allen and Joellen Mae Artz; $177,000.

237 Morgan Ave., Ashland; Thomas J. Budd II to Martha B. Lee; $155,000.

808 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Mabel M. Thompson to Shirley Lehman; $140,000.

217 East 12th St., Ashland; Perry’s Rentals LLC to Melvin H. Helton and Vicki L. Bailey-Helton; $57,000.

227 Edgehill Ave., Ashland; Keith E. and Lisa A. Kramer to Cordelia Byard and Donovan Jay Castle; $115,000.

45 Delafield Ave., Ashland; Terry Kopp, Margaret Kopp and Buddy Barton to Wells Fargo Bank; $24,834.

Bailey Lakes

1314 Lake Drive, Ashland; Thomas M. and Judy A. Ringler to Mark Ringler; $35,000.

Clear Creek Township 

13 Fast St., Ashland; Wilma L. Kodak and Cameron S. Wilson; $17,000.

533 Township Road 1451, Shiloh; Clyde Shepherd to Amos W. and Norma Z. Nolt; $375,000.

Green Township

159 East Third St., Perrysville; Perrysville Store-All LLC to Rex and Lyn Leiner; $5,000.

566 Stone Meadow Circle, Loudonville; Raymond K. Keck to Louis A. and Carrie F. Chiarella; $280,000.

2337 State Route 511, Perrysville; Robert David Hoover to Stevie J. and Leah I. Weaver; $520,000.

125 East Third St., Perrysville; Natalie K. Van Riper to Kaleb R. Shriver; $106,500.

68 Forest Hill Road, Perrysville; Delores A. Johnson to Gregory M. and Jody S. Allton; $200,000.

160 South Bridge St., Perrysville; James R. Bowles to Brandon Stelle Mowry; $118,000.

128 Weltmer Circle, Perrysville; Misty A. Dickinson and Barbara A. Bohland to Mindy K. and Dustin C. Hans; $132,000.

Hanover Township

506 East Washington St., Loudonville; CaLinn Inc. to Thripple H. 506 Real Estate LLC; $275,000.

424 South Market St., Loudonville; Drake’s Valley Rentals LLC to Donald H. Purcell and Michelle L. Bush; $38,000.

3120 County Road 3175, Loudonville; Moody Holding Company LLC to JJO Loudonville LLC; $240,000.


Jackson Township 

Lot 32, unit 6 on Cinnamon Drive North, West Salem; Arwilda Franklin to Leonard C. Arrington; $2,670.

Vacant land along U.S. Route 42, Polk; The Fisher Family Revocable Living Trust to Barbara Ann Siler; $20,000.

Lot 134, Beech Drive, West Salem; Eric E. Benewiat to The Nienberg Family Revocable Trust; $4,100.

2127 and 2128 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Manuel and Carol M. Borges to Rodney T. Orgel; $8,000.

333 Township Road 1080, Polk; Drew Lepley to Benjamin Ryan Vaughan; $660,000.

2.2 acres along State Route 604, West Salem; Alexander H. Kamentz Estate to Alexander P. Kamentz; $20,000.

2 acres along County Road 175, West Salem; Vernon Lee and Lynnette Martina Snoddy to Haley M. McElwain; $30,000.

2.5 acres along County Road 175, West Salem; Vernon Lee and Lynette Martina to Bradley A. McElwain; $27,500.

233 U.S. Route 42, Polk; Nancy L. Carr to Julie J. Bennett; $80,000.

Vacant land along County Road 2350, Lake Township; Weber Land and Cattle LLC to Neil R. and Tonya L. Louis; $180,000.


423 East Main St., Loudonville; Top Branch Properties LLC to Timothy R. and Brianna N. Mack; $96,000.

Mifflin Township

1996 Township Road 1165, Ashland; Joseph Schaefer Jr. to Kim Swanstrom; $240,000.

1186 County Road 2075, Ashland; Amanda D. Allis to David and Jo-Ellen Carpenter; $550,000.

1272 Township Road 1706, Ashland; Christine M. Keough, having taken title as Christine M. and Steve Cihon to Austin Mills; $381,000.

530 West Shore Drive, Lucas; Amanda Wilson to Dale M. and Candace L. Leach; $125,000.

44 Maine St., Mifflin; Barbara Young to George and Susan Moniz; $125,000.

1133 Township Road 1806, Ashland; Tammy E. Taylor to Mark and Paige McFadden; $450,000.

Milton Township

1625 Township Road 1353, Ashland; Andi May Gibbs to Daniel W. and Cecilia C. Wendel; $110,000.

1342 U.S. Highway 42, Ashland; Martha M. Ross and Robert Rogers King to Douglas K. Ash; $205,000.

27.5 acres along State Route 96, Ashland; Debra Zonker-Schondel to Frederick T. and Mary S. Stimpert; $353,925.

7.5 acres along Township Road 1453, Ashland; Debra Zonker-Schondel to Jonathan J. and Susie H. Keim; $158,400.

1275 Township Road 1453, Ashland; Debra Zonker-Schondel to Melvin H. and Sarah A. Miller; $124,608.

5.7 acres along Township Road, Ashland; Debra Zonker-Schondel to Paul H. and Rachel J. Miller; $122,496.

35.4 acres along Township Road 1353, Ashland; Timothy A. and Debra D. Markel to Daniel M. and Rosie D. Byler; $424,446.

1593 Township Road 1353, Ashland; Timothy A. and Debra D. Markel to Ashley M. Lantz; $77,000.

Mohican Township 

19 West South Street, Jeromesville; Mark S. Austen to Gary H. Fortney; $46,000.

3 Oak Court, Jeromesville; Denise M. Baker to Colton M. and Alyvia G. Bishop; $200,000.

25.2 acres along Township Road 1700, Jeromesville; Kayedrew Vision LLC to Noah J. and Whitney T. Jones; $264,663.

Montgomery Township 

1511 State Route 60, Ashland; Henry E. Schlabach to Aaron M. Williams and Toni M. Purdy; $224,600.

1651 County Road 1095, Ashland; Midwest Estates LLC to Jennifer R. McQuillen; $175,000.

833 County Road 1600, Ashland; Teresa D. Mendenhall to Z Mudd LLC; $150,000.

1654 County Road 995, Ashland; Shawne R. Brown and Sharla J. Recinella to Christopher A. and Melissa A. Skinner; $456,000.

1607-B County Road 1095, Ashland; Justin B. Ross to Amy J. Evans; $159,000.

1480 Township Road 805, Ashland; Gregory M. and Joy S. Allton to Matthew A. and SW Workman; $475,000.

1710 County Road 1095, Ashland; Ronald J. and Jessica L. Markley to Sybil H. Bull and David P. Meyer Jr.; $191,500.

536 Township Road 1404, Ashland; Perry’s Rentals LLC to Robert Hankenhof and Christina Eckrich; $242,000.

Orange Township  

955 Township Road 773, Ashland; Roxann McCain to James and Rebecca Beattie; $35,000.

954 State Route 58, Ashland; Sandra L. Plymire to Steve Keener and Kerry Englet; $100,000.

975 Township Road 713, Ashland; Matthew G. Mosley to Mitchell C. Griffitts; $120,000.

2 acres along State Route 511, Ashland; The Thomas R. Keener Trust to Richard Shafer II and Susan Shafer; $19,000.

0 State Route 511, Ashland; Thomas R. Keener to Geoffrey A. and Suzanne M. Hillman; $215,000.

Perry Township 

1619 Township Road 395, Jeromesville; Christopher R. Hicks and Paulett Mendez to Brian Wayne Waddell and Romina P. Baechstaedt; $423,900.

1684 Township Road 251, Jeromesville; Carlo and Amy Tafur-Pardo to Joshua and Amanda Allis; $350,000.

Polk Village

438 North Main St., Polk; Quality Horizons LLC to SBT Renovations LLC; $68,000.

Ruggles Township

315 U.S. Route 250, Greenwich; Georgia Marie Anderson to Casey A. and Andrea M. Knighton; $90,000.

1342 Township Road 126, New London; George R. Skubon and Patsy L. Castek-Skubon to Jeffrey L. Niswander and Amy M. Adkins; $370,000.

1086 U.S. Route 224, Nova; Adam M. and Misty M. Roland to Christie Ann Groah; $177,000.

Sullivan Township

481 County Road 681, Sullivan; Roger A. Miller to Clayton M. and Abigail S. Lamb; $143,000.

238 Township Road 581, Sullivan; Jeremy Fagan to Randall J. and June E. Starcher; $300,000.

367 Township Road 350, Sullivan; Christopher L. and Shayanne M. Rolfe to Erik Manges and Jennifer Carlson-Manges; $250,000.

Troy Township 

38 State Route 511, Nova; Glenn A. Harper to Rusty Callihan, Jack and Virginia Callihan; $188,540.

38 State Route 511, Nova; Glenn A. Harper to Julie A. Harper; $135,300.

Vermillion Township

1721 Township Road 1714, Ashland; Kybri Enterprises LLC to Larry Goon Jr.; $170,000.

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