Pictured here is the 2022 winning team, The Henleys, completing the task of folding a fitted sheet at the Hemlock Inn.

LOUDONVILLE — The Mohican Adventure Hunt is slated to kick off on Saturday, June 10th at the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum in Loudonville.

The adventure hunt is a hybrid scavenger hunt that sends teams racing across the Mohican area to discover landmarks, find rare items, and complete unusual — and often hilarious — tasks.

“It’s a bit like a mixture of a traditional scavenger hunt and The Amazing Race,” said the museum’s curator, Kenny Libben.

Each landmark, find, or task is assigned a point value and teams must submit photographs or videos to prove they completed it. The first team to complete all tasks, or the team with the most points at the deadline, wins.

The hunt was first held in 2021 and grew in popularity in 2022 with participants competing for cash prizes and bragging rights. The Henleys took home the top prize last year, followed by Team Atterholt who had won in 2021 and still hold the record for most points after completed 49 of the 50 tasks that year.

The first-place team will win a $125 cash prize, and second place will go home with a $50 cash prize. The cost to register is $40 per team (vehicle), with a discounted registration for members of the museum.

The event kicks off at 10 a.m. and teams have three hours to complete their list of tasks — after which everyone is encouraged to return to the museum to find out how they stacked up against the competition.

There are 50 challenges on the list of tasks, but what they are won’t be revealed until the starting bell rings for the event. According to Libben, the list is a closely-guarded secret — not even the other event staff know what it entails.

Those interested in registering can do so on the museum’s website, www.crfmuseum.com/events until Wednesday, June 7. Participants will need a vehicle, and at least one smart phone to send in photos or videos proving completion of their tasks.

The museum is also seeking volunteers to help keep score during the event — which mostly entails verifying completion of tasks and marking off tasks on each teams list.

Anyone with questions, wanting to register offline, or wishing to volunteer are encouraged to call the museum at 419-994-4050. All proceeds from the event help support the museum’s mission and preserves local history.

The Life section is supported by Brethren Care Village in Ashland.

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