ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from May 30 to June 21.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


102 East Ninth St., Ashland; Kevin A. Regal to Britton Real Estate LLC; $25.

1140-1144 Columbus Circle North, Ashland; E.D.A. Golden Plains LLC to Ashland County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health; $190,000.

232 East Liberty St., Ashland; Carol and Michael Hoffman to Aidan M. and Reganne Graham; $80,000.

511 West Liberty St., Ashland; David A., Gary A. and Michael A. Hoffman to Pyper LLC; $40,000.

507 Virginia Ave., Ashland; Josiah, LLC to AKIP LLC; $60,000.

625 Sandusky St., Ashland; Josiah, LLC to AKIP LLC; $94,000.

1933 Wick Ave., Ashland; Ryan N. and Hannah D. Sigler to Scott and Kimberly D. Buzzard; $1,000.

63 Delafield Ave., Ashland; Douglas A. Fitch to Ethan E. Fitch and Destiny M. Estep; $80,000.

1315 Meadow Lane, Ashland; Ivey J. Buffenmeyer to Penton Properties LLC; $147,000.

1122 Country Club Lane, Unit 102, Ashland; Jonathan F., Frederick J. and Hollis H. Finks to John and Donna Phillip; $115,500.

1800 Arrowhead Way, Ashland; District Three LLC to MIMG CCXXIX District of Ashland Sub, LLX and Bradley the District at Ashland; $37,750,000.

404 Sharp St., Ashland; Christopher Harding to Lydia M., Reagan and Claudette McCullough; $176,000.

155 Lee Ave., Ashland; Skye C. Whytsell to Jacob T. an Stephanie C. Leber; $123,000.

1029 Arch St., Ashland; Kenneth E. Gardner to Lartjake REI Consulting LLC; $7,500.

241 Samaritan Ave., Dennis M. Gruber to Julie M. Hipp; $190,000.

807 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Leon E. Bursley Jr. to Kaylee R. Bowen; $69,900.

1000 Summit Drive, Ashland; Ashley Gollihue to Zane Michael Aleman; $225,000.

1020 West Main St., Ashland; Joe and Christine N. Grubbs; $22,000.

1033 Arch St., Ashland; Larry Mumaw to George H. Young Jr. and Norma J. Young; $25,000.

1010 Hoover Drive, Ashland; Andor L. Long to Frederick Jan Ginter Jr. and Cynthia Ann Ginter; $177,000.

842 Hoover Drive, Ashland; Robert E. and Carolyn C. Norris to Caleb and Kali Hupp; $238,000.

646 West 11th St., Ashland; Nancy L. Stearns to Nathaniel Speelman; $33,480.

142 Sherman Ave., Ashland; Michael L. Bryant and Shannon L. Reichert to Shari A. Harper; $150,000.

602 Grant St., Ashland; John Allen Miller III and Catherine Miller to Wilbur A. and Jenny E. Miller; $76,000.

1141 Southview Drive, Ashland; Aaron M. Harris to Michael A. Miller; $270,000.

950 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Lloyd Funk to Kelly Roller, Michael S. Roller Jr., Jenny S. Coubal and Ok S. Roller; $154,000.

422 Virginia Ave., Ashland; Dann Adam Simmons to Skor Properties LLC; $29,150.

1911 Pheasant Run Lane, Ashland; Billie J. Slayton to Stephen T. and Julie M. McDonnell; $220,500.

895 Williamsburg Court, Ashland; Stephen T. and Julie M. McDonnell to Brock M. and Amanda L. Mowry; $385,000.

544 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Alan D. Cheverine and Linda J. Brown to Jacob A. and Brianna N. Jensen; $167,900.

719 Myers Ave., Ashland; ACCF Real Estate LLC to Bobbie Shelton; $74,186.

943 Hale Ave., Ashland; Carley Campo to John R. White; $150,000.

Clear Creek Township 

618 Township Road 1151, Ashland; Adam M. and Christina Gail Myers to Matthew Ironwing III and Brittany Ironwing; $210,000.

815 U.S. Route 250, Ashland; Wayne E. Sees to Eugene K. and Stephanie L. Rothacher; $195,500.

1.5 acres of property along Township Road 1151, Ashland; Adam M. and Christine G. Myers to Kimberly J. Myers; $13,860.

Green Township

2497 State Route 511, Perrysville; The Randy L. and Pamela J. Burson Trust to Ronnie T. and Jessica L. Long; $140,000.

2743 State Route 39 South, Perrysville; Brian L. Keiser and Jacqueline Arnold; $285,000.

53.7 acres of vacant property along Mill Road, Loudonville; Armadillo Development LLC to Ian J. Miller; $165,550.

8.04 acres of vacant property along State Route 60, Loudonville; Foose Properties LLC to Richard M.A. and Lacey L. Zellner; $128,000.

Hanover Township

3034 County Road 3175, Loudonville; Carrie A. and Todd Howry to Midwest Estates LLC; $100,000.

3349 Township Road 799, Loudonville; Michele and Robin Kreider to Amelia Jo Jeffers; $1,260,000.

7.1 acres of vacant property along Township Road 959, Loudonville; Raymond and Leah Hostetler to Miller Tree Farm; $130,000.


Jackson Township 

6018 Birch Lane, West Salem; James R. and Ann Marie Brasty to Sean and Michelle Kolcun; $217,000.

6063 Sequoia Place, West Salem; Cody L. Lyons to David L. and Janet F. Albright; $202,400.

2130 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; John O. Leising to Jerzy Zbigniew Pado and Jeannette Eileen Pado; $130,000.

6097 Chervil Drive, West Salem; Reginald P. Cox II to Erica E. Glaser; $65,270.

3335 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Estate of Frank D. Ellsworth to Joshua James Fagan; $138,000.

5 acres of vacant property along Township Road 101, West Salem; Tobias A. Weaver to Duane W. Lewis; $25,000.

3182 Kinata Court and 3183 Kinata Court, West Salem; Lynn Jones to PTP Contractors LLC; $11,000.

3180 Kinata Court and 3181 Kinata Court, West Salem; Lynn Jones to PTP Contractors LLC; $11,000.


38 Highland Ave., Jeromesville; Krystal Reynolds to Reece Turner; $125,000.

19 West South St., Jeromesville; Gary H. Fortney to Brian L. Sicz Sr. and Melissa R. King; $187,000.

55 East Main St., Jeromesville; Thomas L. Welch to John J. and Angela L. Groff; $181,000.

173 South High St., 147-149 South High St., Jeromesville; Michael and Tony Heifner to Heifner Excavating LLC; $26,850.


2.4 acres of vacant property along Mount Vernon Avenue, Loudonville; Loudonville Farmers Equity Co. to West Access LLC; $40,000.

Mifflin Township

409 Lakeshore Road, Ashland; Rita K. Smith to Shane R. and Selena M. Dole; $190,000.

100 South Ohio St., Ashland; Dawn E. Vesper to Lartjake REI Consulting LLC; $53,000.

Milton Township

Vacant property along County Road 1356, Ashland; Candy Bar LLC to RWH Farms LLC; $178,000.

Mohican Township 

71 Township Road 1700, Jeromesville; Richard B. and Deanne L. Gentry to Drew E. and Stephanie K. Oyler; $500,000.

1804 Township Road 85, Jeromesville; Patrick A. and Stacy R. Swyers to Grant A. and Lydia D. Nightengale; $360,000.

Montgomery Township 

34.6 acres of vacant property along State Route 60, Ashland; Gerald E. and Vicki Young to RRAB Holdings LLC; $565,000.

3.7 acres of vacant property along Township Road 743, Ashland; Joseph Hovsepian Jr., Robert, James and John Hovsepian; $370,000.

1463 Township Road 973, Ashland; Donna L. Cottrell to Jospeph A. and Dardi Hendershott; $385,000.

538 Township Road 1404, Ashland; Karin J. Perry to Jessica Lynn Robertson-Patera and Matthew Patera; $350,000.

1653 State Route 60, Ashland; James A. Savage Jr. and Ann M. Savage to Eddie A. and Barbara J. Miller; $455,000.

Orange Township 

Perry Township 

 235 U.S. Route 250, Polk; Keim Home Improvements LLC to Jessica Marie and Jason Q. Pisanzio; $172,000.

47.8 acres of vacant property along Township Road 355, Jeromesville; Criswell Furniture LLC to Elk Creek Holdings LLC; $450,000.

Perrysville Village

Ruggles Township

80 State Route 60 South, New London; Winston A. an Glenna V. White to William R. and Brenda J. Disbrow; $120,000.

452 County Road 1183, Nova; Tania D. Slone to Larry E. and Emily Z. Leid; $1,100,000.

236 Township Road 1461, Greenwich; Andrew D. and Kelly Y. Osborne to Christopher Lugli; $435,000.

5.5 acres of vacant property along County Road 1281, Greenwich; Walter E. Keener to Heather I. and Eric J. Perry; $28,360.

Savannah Village

30 South Main St., Savannah; Nathaniel James Kirkpatrick and Amber Grace Bates to Amber Grace Bates; $80,583.

Sullivan Township

527 Township Road 462, Sullivan; The Estate of John R. DeLong to Hunter Kanzeg; $157,000.

217 Township Road 391, Sullivan; Barbara A. Plain to Robert H. Archer Jr.; $292,500.

Troy Township 

Vermillion Township

5 acres of vacant property along County 30-A, Jeromesville; Korey and Lisa R. Bernard to Todd Icenhour; $23,325.

511 Township Road 2102, Loudonville; Grant A. and Lydia D. Nightengale to Micah R. an Sharla Boehs Leatherman; $227,250.

135 East Main St., Ashland; Edmond G. and Judith E. Sparr to Bret A. and Jennifer L. Bailey; $125,000.

1.64 acres of vacant property along County 30-A, Jeromesville; Korey and Lisa R. Bernard; $24,600.

50 West Main St., Hayesville; Hans Joseph and Sharon Sue George to William and Debra Sickmller; $240,000.

1721 State Route 60 South, Ashland; Frederick C. Lavender to Zane Gross Jr. and Debra Gross and Allison E. Gross; $264,000.

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