Senior care

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You may have noticed your parents slowing down a little over the last months or years. Maybe they’re getting a little more forgetful. Maybe their current living situation isn’t working as well for them as it once did. Whether they recognize it or not, it may be time to start taking steps toward solutions that offer the help they need in ways that still allow them to retain as much independence as possible.

There are a number of these potential solutions in your area, but figuring out the difference between them and what each option means for your older parent or loved one isn’t always crystal clear. So, here’s a quick rundown of senior care living options, along with the general set of needs and limitations each solution covers. This list moves along the continuum between giving your parent the most independence possible (at the top) to providing the most intimate care.

At-Home Help

This option offers your parent or loved one the most amount of freedom and flexibility. They remain in their home and do most things themselves. At the same time, they also partner with a service that sends team members over to help with more difficult chores like mowing the lawn, washing the windows, or even running errands and picking up groceries. Most of these services operate on an appointment schedule. Your parent still maintains full control of their property and choices, but they get the small amount of help they need, when they need it.

In-Home Nursing Care

This option allows your parent to stay home while a trained nurse attends to them. This option is good for situations where family members are able to provide a lot of the upkeep and maintenance on the property but need to outsource the medical portion of the parent’s care to a professional. This option also has a number of intensity levels. Nurses may stop regularly or may maintain one nurse their at all times, operating in shifts. Your parent is able to stay at home and still get the professional medical care they need.

Independent Living

Independent living gives your parents a great deal of control over their lives, but within a smaller, more easily managed environment where help is available 24/7 if and when need arises. At brethren Care Village, our independent living environments include both well-appointed apartments and condominium style units. Residents move and live independently, but don’t have to be responsible for the responsibility of maintaining a much larger property. The “big chores”–mowing, landscaping, snow removal,etc.–are all taken care of. At the same time, if anything ever happens, professional medical and emergency staff are just moments away.

Assisted Living

Assisted living options generally combine the benefits of independent living with a little more hands-on help. Residents maintain their freedom, but have all the help they need right on hand. Residents generally eat, do recreational activities, and spend time socializing with their fellow

assisted living friends. This is a great option for parents with mild to moderate medical iand/or mobility issues who still have a lot of life left to live.

Short-term Nursing Care

If your parent recently experienced a serious medical event and needs a safe, convenient, and fully-staffed place to get back on their feet, short-term nursing care is a great option. Helpful, caring nurses and staff are on hand to help them recover and get back on their feet.

Long-term Nursing Care

Similar to short-term nursing care, but for a longer period of time, this option is the right one if your parent can no longer take care of herself. She gets all the care she needs in a loving, safe environment with attention from trained medical staff, so you can rest easy that she’s in good hands at all times.

Memory Care

Memory care is for people with moderate to serious memory impairments. Conditions may include–but aren’t limited to–dementia and Alzheimer’s. Each memory care facility is structured differently, but at Brethren Care Village, our Bradford Houses offer both privacy and all the benefits of communal living. Trained staff and nurses work together with residents. Enriching their lives is a primary objective; schedules and activities are geared around this goal.

No matter what your parent or older loved one might need in terms of the next stage in their care, one thing to consider is continuity.

Many senior care facilities offer one or more of these care services and environments. What sets Brethren Care Village apart, though, is the presence of all of them. You can choose Brethren Care Village to help your mom clean her windows twice a year and maintain that single relationship long after she’s ready for long-term nursing or memory care. That level of familiarity, convenience, and connection goes a long way in easing your parent’s mind and ensuring their comfort throughout the rest of their lives.

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