ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from July 25 to August 29.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


315 East Washington St., Ashland; Thomas E. Carson to Christian Shelter; $94,000.

311 West Walnut St., Ashland; Hubert F. Keen to Robert Smith; $79,900.

803 Center St., Ashland; Martha Risacher to Peter and Judith Wyllie; $252,500.

912 Union St., Ashland; Lloyd E. and Alice M. Hershey to Carrie A. Van Breman; $82,000.

940 Oakbrook Drive #C-4, Ashland; James R. and Charlene K. Phillips to Rick and Katherine Gough; $237,000.

246 Lincoln Ave., Ashland; Harvey Zahniser to Hannah Reed; $125,000.

347 and 349 Sandusky St., Ashland; Christopher R. Wood to SKOR Properties LLC; $25,000.

2007 Claremont Ave., JerDan Real Estate Ltd to 1826 Claremont LLC; $350,000.

1427 Smith Road, Ashland; Kelly Goettsche to Jackson T. Lefever and Devan L. Lowman; $240,000.

144 Lincoln Ave., Ashland; Michelle L. Simons to Matthew Shea; $105,000.

901 Virginia Ave., Ashland; William R. and Mary L. Jansen to Hollie Chance; $70,000.

138 West 12th St., Ashland; Thomas E. Carson to Micah J. Achmoody; $76,000.

126 Parkside Drive, Ashland; David J. Rose II to Klowa K. Looney; $199,900.

431 East Fourth St., Ashland; Ricky L. Buzzard to The Karen O. Armstrong Revocable Trust; $87,000.

1048 Arch St., Ashland; Judy L. Foster to Richard E. and Traci L. Rush; $27,500.

828 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; The Kuhl Family Revocable Living Trust Agreement to Jeffrey Kohler and Diana S. Scott; $210,000.

221 East 12th St., Ashland; Steven W. Austen to James E. Fonner; $28,289.

2344 Cottonwood Court, Ashland; Sally J. Schramm to Douglas L. and Jamille S. Hawkins; $490,000.

927 Heltman Ave., Ashland; Stacy Bair to Douglas A. Patton; $79,500.

114 West 12th St., Ashland; Eric Krantz to Whitt Quest Holdings LLC; $62,000.

612 West 18th St., Ashland; Timothy E. Markel to Alicia Denise Babcock; $102,000.

982 Thomas Drive, Ashland; Taylor L. and Shannon O. Brown to Aaron S. and Courtney Bracamontes; $218,000.

1000 Oakhill Circle, Ashland; Brenden P. and Lana K. Beal to Michaela M. Brehm; $254,000.

226 West Liberty St., Ashland; Mayve Riedy to David East and Jennifer Pearson; $180,000.

1710 Woodhill Drive, Ashland; Thomas J. Truax Jr. and Logan E. Truax to John and Diane Paulson; $387,200.

1134 Smith Road, Ashland; Robert G. Hagen to Nicholas M. and Brooklyn P. Standridge; $178,000.

614-618 Claremont Ave., Ashland; John A. Smith to 9312 Harvard LLC; $340,000.

242 Sherman Ave., Ashland; Diana Schrader to Brianna Marie Over; $129,544.

531 East Main St., Ashland; Spanky, Darla and Marshmallow LLC to SKOR Properties LLC; $10,000.

1325 Edgewood Drive, Ashland; Nicholas M. and Brooklyn Standridge to Casey A. Kline; $277,300.

2 parcels along Cottonwood Court, Ashland; LH Leasing LLC to Michael R. and Jane A. Ringler; $70,500.

317 Lee Ave., Dylan J. and Chelsea E. Wengerd to Linda L. and Owen J. Coors; $159,000.

1046 Oak Hill Circle, Ashland; Jonathan L. Burras and Juliet L. Thomas to Joseph K. Griffith II and Kathryn R. Griffin; $395,000.

2040 Stone Hedge Lane, Ashland; Viral S. and Nandini V. Danak to Matthew Fulmer and Grace Marie Young; $325,000.

122 Steele Ave., Steven P. and Michael E. Kinney to Heartland Estates LLC; $150,000.

2366 Magnolia Drive, Ashland; Jerry E. Hart Estate to Robert P. Schoonover; $218,000.

224 Sharon Ave., Ashland; Joseph E. Stimpert to Brandi M. Durig; $190,000.

2312 Walnut Creek Drive, Ashland; Navid Baraty to Nader Baraty; $132,500.

831 Woodview Drive, Ashland; Gregory A. Murphy Sr. and Diane P. Murphy to James C. and Tracy J. Strahsburg; $349,900.

705 Heltman Ave., Ashland; Jonathan L. and Meghan R. Brown to Jordan Tyler Milburn; $140,000.

1686 Southwood Drive, Ashland; James S. Sweet to Danielle J. and Benjamin T. Hamman; $289,000.

233 Banning Ave., Ashland; Linda L. Markley to Dennis and Diane Brown; $125,000.

187 Fairview Drive, Ashland; John E. Murray to James R. and Linda L. Derr; $215,000.

A vacant property along Green Ash Court, Ashland; LH Leasing LLC to John and Linda McMillen; $36,000.

1607 Olde Post Road, Ashland; Darren and Loretta Adkins to Kerri Jo Walker and Matthew Deel; $430,000.

1430 George Road, Ashland; Baker Properties-Ashland Ltd. to Ashland George LLC; $5,000,000.

Clear Creek Township 

1005 Township Road 1451, Ashland; Shawn M. Prichard and Paige S. Gorsuch to Christian, Lovina, Warren C. and Allison M. Fussner; $85,000.

810 Township Road 1101, Ashland; Clara M. England to Wendy and Jerrod White; $50,000.

Green Township

615 North Spring St., Loudonville; E. Wayne Risner to Eric McCaskey; $33,333.

719 State Route 39, Perrysville; Marian L. Eilenfeld to Justin L. Vansickle and Karli S. Shriver; $143,000.

2763 State Route 60, Loudonville; Toni Dunham to Toni Dunham and Nancy A. Flynn; $91,985.

Hanover Township

312 Oak Court, Loudonville; Charles R. Sprang and Crystal Brinkerhoff to Dustin Hicks and Kelsey R. Johnston; $179,000.

800 West Main St., Loudonville; Lisa M. Cowley to Thomas J. Truax; $330,000.

516 East Main St., Loudonville; The Estate of Robert S. Haudenschild to Hannah M. Strickling; $84,500.

Jackson Township 

1208 Ginko Drive, West Salem; Helen M. Long to Nola Hagan; $284,900.

4.08 acres along County Road 175, West Salem; Vernon Lee and Lynnette Martina Snoddy to Stephen A. and Rene M. Davis; $68,500.

302 State Route 604, Polk; Ella L. Waggoner and Bethany L. Willi to Michele R. and Paul J. Kidd; $265,000.

3330 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; George and Sharon Busony to Paul and Ruth Powers; $67,500.

6033 Sequoia Place, West Salem; Timothy and Barbara Kotesovec to Matthew James Vraja; $193,000.

5077 Burgundy Court, West Salem; Daniel J. Gumbish to Dave and Anastasia Hunter; $11,500.

1487 Carum Place, West Salem; John Lykins Jr. to Adam P. Gilbert and Alyce M. Dodig; $167,000.

2130 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Jeannette Eileen and Jerzy Zbigniew Pado to Cassandra L. Tatham; $209,000.

3054 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Arno A. Zirngibl to Richard B. McClurg; $199,000.

Lots 79 and 80 along County Road 620, West Salem; Dale Browning and Tammie Nutter to Megan M. Snow; $1,000.


Lake Township

412 Township Road 2402, Loudonville; Pamela R. Spreng and Tracy L. Burgess to Cody M. and Emily K. Spreng; $210,000.

2654 County Road 457, Loudonville; Eli J. and Nora J. Yoder to Douglas Bryan and Mary Noel Jackson-Smith; $660,000.


107 North Wood St., Loudonville; Cruz W. Badida to Deveroux J. and Sarah R. Mast; $0.

223 South Water St., Loudonville; Jon J. and Mary B. Mould to Resheena Davis; $120,000.

310 North Adams St., Loudonville; Tristan and Amanda Hyatt to Casey M. Young; $88,000.

Mifflin Township

1176 Township Road 1996, Ashland; Eric D. Gongwer to Olivia and Nicholas Poland; $236,500.

Vacant property along North Ohio Street, Ashland; Donna Lee Bright to Zoran and Svetlana Spasic; $7,500.

Vacant property along North Ohio Street, Ashland; The C. David Bright Trust to Zoran and Svetlana Spasic; $7,500.

1195 Township Road 2156, Ashland; Richard R. and Mary Jane Volkmer to Eric A. and Lindsay Schneider; $405,000.

Milton Township

1265 Township Road 1253, Ashland; Jonathan W. and Emily Newsome to Ashley Schultz and Benjamin Nutter; $215,000.

1184 State Route 96, Ashland; Sterling D. and Irma L. Hardesty to Joseph W. Hoffa and Kate R. Music; $450,000.

64.3 acres of vacant property along Township Road 1153, Ashland; William E. Leiter to Benjamin Johnson; $76,356.66.

1465 State Route 96, Ashland; Margaret Ann Bowling to Mike Buckingham II and Ananda Buckingham; $415,000.

1314 Township Road 1656, Ashland; Joshua Hiller, Molly Hiller-McKean and Christina Hiller Fisher to Alan Bringman, Pam Snow and Valeria Kline; $0.

1369 County Road 1153, Ashland; David Stoops to Ryan Coyle; $150,000.

Mohican Township 

Half-acre of vacant property along County Road 1775, Jeromesville; The Obrecht Farms Family Limited Partnership to Columbia Gas of Ohio Inc.; $100,000.

358 Township Road 1922, Jeromesville; Christina R. Iceman and Curt E. Briggs to Ryan Kline; $399,000.

94 County Road 2160, Jeromesville; David Moore to U.S. Bank National Association; $77,100.

70 County Road 1950, Jeromesville; Ian T. Gilt to Steven J. and Kathryn Mast; $265,000.

25 County Road 1950, Jeromesville; Mohican Hills Real Estate LLC to CWell Energy LLC; $2,408,517.95.

Montgomery Township 

4.6 acres at 1198 Township Road 1175, Ashland; Howard North to Terri Hall; $0.

1173 Township Road 753 Unit D, Ashland; Joseph Ott to Jimmie H. Alcom Jr.; $399,900.

1.9 acre on vacant property along Township Road 523, Ashland; John A. Tolliver Jr. and Diane L. Tolliver to Matthew Meininger; $40,000.

1225 State Route 511, Ashland; Sallie L. Allison to Bruce A. Bedwell and Linda Horn; $260,000.

Orange Township 

972 Township Road 964, Ashland; Edith I. Brownson and Katherine E. Peresie to Jay Zimmerman; $242,000.

975 Township Road 964, Ashland; Edith I. Brownson and Katherine E. Peresie to Ralph Evan MacDonald Jr. and Mary Carey MacDonald; $295,680.

16.8 acres along Township Road 964, Ashland; Edith I. Brownson and Katherine E. Peresie to William B. Keener; $341,880.

31.18 acres of vacant property along State Route 511, Ashland; Edith I. Brownson and Katherine E. Peresie to Roger D. Tobias; $1,029,600.

907 State Route 58, Ashland; Kathleen Jacque to Daniel Betlejewski; $250,000.

756 County Road 620, Ashland; William R. and Faye J. Hassee to Zimmerman Land Co.; $180,400.

993 Township Road 713, Ashland; Glenda L. Copeland to Phillip and Janeene A. Roar; $1,250.

955 Township Road 773, Ashland; James and Rebecca Beattie to Dustin W. Smith; $174,500.

1058 Township Road 876, Ashland; Wendy S. and Jerrod A. White to Nathan and Lauren Rogers; $399,900.

Perry Township

Perrysville Village

158 West Third St., Perrysville; Virginia Hess to David and Connie Easterday; $80,000.

121 West Third St., Perrysville; Julie and Stephen Conley to Zethan Loren-Nelson Campbell; $175,000.

Polk Village

Ruggles Township

11.2 acres of vacant property along State Route 60, Ashland; Leslie A. and Jean F. Wozniak and Danny J. and LaVerne T. Day to Chase Galloway; $50,000.

315 U.S. Route 250, Greenwich; Knighton Ventures LLC to Daniel J. and Rebecca J. Frydrychowski; $130,000.

Savannah Village

Sullivan Township

5.4 acres at 576 U.S. Highway 224, Sullivan; Denise M. Ross to Linda G. Simmons; $35,000.

583 Township Road 350, Sullivan; Robert D. Catalano to Freedom Mortgage Corporation; $125,708.90.

375 Township Road 581, Sullivan; Christopher M. Brady to Jerry E. and Jane M. Hodge; $60,000.

101 County Road 681, Sullivan; David A. Spieker to James and Debbi Gay Blodgett; $395,000.

Troy Township

1021 County Road 40, Nova; Keim Home Improvements LLC to Thomas J. Wojnarowski; $230,000.

60 acres of vacant property along County Roa 40, Nova; Lawrence R. Crumrine and Edward Eugene Blain to Ilya and Iuliia Prediy; $550,000.

Vermillion Township

1084 County Road 2075, Ashland; David W. Cole Sr. and Rhonda Cole to Steven Cole and Ashley Buckley-Cole; $229,000.

54 Mechanic St., Ashland; Robert J. Phillips to Sarah J. Lotz; $100,000.

1054 Township Road 1906, Ashland; Gary L. and Barbara L. Hochstetler to Benjamin R. and Jody K. Bolen; $173,500.

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