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ASHLAND -- According to recent property transfers, the building at 2143 Claremont Avenue in Ashland sold for more than $1 million.

BHM Real Estate sold the property to Timothy Enterprises for $1,050,000. 

The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for Dec. 25, 2019 through January 28, 2020. Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source. 


1012 Cottage Street, Ashland; Joseph Caldwell to Jacqueline M. Vandriest; $77,500

142 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Harry D. Slyer to Phillip A. and Laura L. Rafeld; $37,000

241 West Liberty Street, Ashland; Matthew and Connie Gorrell to Earnest Clark and Trinity Clements-Clark; $108,000

Lot 4427 Green Ash Court, Ashland; LH Leasing LLC to Dale R. and Marcia L. Stoffer; $36,000

506 Buckeye Street, Ashland; Melissa S. Goodman to Joshua I. Simon; $55,750

19 East 8th Street, Ashland; Timothy J. and Mary Jane Studer to Joshua I. Simon; $57,500

1135 Pheasant Run Lake, Ashland; Shirley J. Chandler to Gene Telego; $140,000

2143 Claremont Avenue, Ashland; BHM Real Estate to Timothy Enterprises; $1,050,000

255 East 9th Street, Ashland; Bryan W. Hall to Shelby J. Stokes; $59,000

932 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Douglas B. Kahl Trustee to Jane Ewing; $191,000

351 East 10th Street, Ashland; Sharon S. Hair to Douglas R. Carmichael; $40,000

239 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Connie F. Weighler to Timber N. Stoops; $66,000

409 Pleasant Street, Ashland; Debra J. Fawcett to to PNC Bank National Association; $19,667

703 West Main Street, Ashland; Kareen Armstrong to Collin S. Pugh; $134,000

1119 Hale Avenue, Ashland; Cody N. and Hannah M. Granneman to Luke S. and Katie E.H. Rogers; $160,000

518 to 520 Sloan Avenue, Ashland; Marfry Properties LLC to Donna Aber; $149,900

312 East Liberty Street, Ashland; Robert Reed Riffle, Jackie Wayne Morris and Laurence Willard Morris to John Callender; $75,000

Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Thomas A. Donelson to Pail D. Jaskulski, Jr.; $19,000

301 Vesper Street, Ashland; Penton Properties, LLC to Josif B. and Dijana Oldja; $71,000

1141 Redburn Drive, Ashland; Michael A. Farley and Steven W. Farley; $30,000

506 West Main Street, Ashland; Charles Clark to Heather S. Gerbino and Timothy W. Harrod; $66,900

253 and 267 South Street, Ashland; George E. and M. Ann Franklin to Midwest Estates; $175,000

48 West Main Street, Ashland; Turk Main Rental to Shamrock Properties; $98,000

101 East Main Street, Ashland; David M. Lee, Lisa Lee, Robert G. and Cynthia E. McClaran to Substance Church; $300,000

Commerce Parkway, Ashland; Timothy Enterprises LLC to Sajid Chaudhry; $475,000

743 Hale Avenue, Ashland; Christopher S. and Jennifer M. Starcher to Sussie J. and Barbara Smith; $151,000

319 Jennings Avenue, Ashland; Elaine H. Foreman to Matthew K. Gibbs; $37,000

1710 West Woodhill Drive, Ashland; Mark and Paige McFadden to Jeffery A. and Tami L. Markel; $95,000

289 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Lavaranda L. Andy to Jeremiah and Lisa C. Lang; $35,000

1198 Hunters Walk, building 3, unit C, Ashland; Barry L. Finley to Donald and Judith Wick; $165,000

219 Highland Blvd., Ashland; Richard P. and Melissa G. Moger to Scott C. and Barbara L. Soden; $133,900

1122 Cooper Drive, Ashland; Lynn Ann Wells to Michael J. Todd and Ann Marie E. Benshoff; $126,500 

351 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Schwab Development to City of Ashland; $110,000

144-148-one other street number Race Street, Ashland; George E. and M. Ann Franklin to Midwest Estates; $110,000

1030 Cottage Street, Ashland; Zachary G. Horgan and Amber M. Allen to Hallie Schodowsky and Ryan Schiegel; $70,000

17 Highland Blvd., Ashland; Larry D. and Darlene S. Edwards to Ryan H. and Shawna M. Stackhouse; $92,500

Clear Creek Township 

550 Township Road 1151, Nova; David L. Bryant to James Finley and Tamara Roller; $30,000

0.0717 Acres of Land, Ashland; Ronald and Louise M. McClurg to Leonard W. and Rebecca J. Rex Trustees; $10,000 

1106 Township Road 1056, Ashland; Ronald and Louise M. MccClurg to Cathy S. Scholl; $115,000

785 State Route 545, Ashland; Robert E. and James E. Stine to Elmer Miller; $169,776

29 Bailey Street, Savannah; Gail E. Bryan Sr. to Joan L. Shriver; $20,300

22 South Main Street, Savannah; Richard Garron to Kenneth Ray Triplett Jr. and Kalindi R. Triplett; $75,000

Green Township

2732 Township Road 1087, Perrysville; Tammy R. Glass to Raleigh L. Stake and Douglas E. Cline Jr.; $183,000

111 E. Loudon Avenue, Loudonville; John R. Bayer to Richard A. Kepoo; $36,200

913 Pearl Drive, Loudonville; John E. Pearce and Thomas L. Pearce, co-successor trustees to Shelly L. and Donald W. Taylor; $89,900

433 N. Adams Street, Loudonville; Lawrence W. Morris to Dwight L. and Amy L. Gesssner; $105,000

520 E. Campbell Street, Loudonville; Clark Eugene and Virginia May Burgess; $147,500

Hanover Township

204 South Wood Street, Loudonville; Timothy J. Hartman to David W. and Tanya M. Phillips; $127,000

Township Road 539, Loudonville; KTC LLC to Atlee and Rachel Kauffman; $66,000

410 E. Main Street, Loudonville; Linda Zickefoose to Jordan C. and Rebecca M. Lance; $170,000

Jackson Township 

545 Township Road 251, West Salem; Christopher J. Durell to Elyssa J. and Mark A. Durell; $125,000 

276 U.S. Route 42, Ashland; James F. Armstrong to Joshua E. Collins; $170,000

107 County Road 700, West Salem; Patrick L. and Stephanie A. Traynnam to  Nathaniel Acken; $189,000

5064 Sangria Drive, West Salem; Donna B. Tkachyk AKA Madonna B. Tkachyk, Paul J. Rosen and others to Jonathan Begin; $89,500

V/L Laurel Drive, West Salem; James F. Keller and Chong Nam Keller to John Cole and Stavey Cole; $1,500

V/L Ginko Drive, West Salem; Theresa M. Mazzotti to Brandon and Christine Coble; $1,500

4140 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Thomas M. and Janis K. Bittler to Robert and Christine Uhl; $35,000

319 State Route, Ashland; Marjorie L. McQuate to William S. Vaughn; $109,000

Unit 2, Lot 82 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, West Salem; Cinnamon Lake Association Inc. to Mark and Cynthia Matheis; $500

Unit 1, Lot 214 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, West Salem; Cinnamon Lake Association Inc. to Brandon and Christine Coble; $3,000

Curry Lane, Lot 95, Ashland County; Karen J. Fisher to Roland Kyle Tallos; $2,880

310 South Main Street, Polk; Michael T. and Danielle K. Mann to Jones Young; $125,000

11 State Route 604, West Salem; Eli J. and Naomi A. Swartzentruber and Ammon J. and Anna D. Swartzentruber to Eli J. and Naomi A. Swartzentruber; $53,000

Perry Township

318 US Route 250, Jeromesville; Scott Harpster to Angelina H. and Nicholas J. Kelling; $193,500

1278 Township Road 13, West Salem; Brenda K. Mooney to Jesse Morales; $18,000


321 South Wood Street, Loudonville; the unknown heirs or real estate beneficiaries of Claudia Hesson, deceased by PSO to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, as nominees for Wilmington Trust, not in its individual capacity but solely as a trustee for Broad Street Funding Trust II; $58,299.80

Mifflin Township

2229 State Route 603, Ashland; Jill L. McVey to Sarah J. Gentry; $53,000

Milton Township

1202 Township Road 1153, Ashland; Stuart L. and Amber M. Martin to Nathan E. Atkins; $120,000

Mohican Township

1822 State Route 89, Jeromesville; Brian W. Becker to Aaron R. and Melissa M. Becker; $300,000

38 and 41 W. Main St., Jeromesville; Cindy and Robert Kanzig to Patrick A. Shiver; $78,269

Montgomery Township

1587 State Route 511, Ashland; Aaron W. Fick to Brooke C. Dessenberg and Joshua N. Early; $160,000

Orange Township

802 County Road 801, Ashland; Ashley Houston trustee to Michael B. and Christina Clark; $80,100

975 Township Road 783, Nankin; Jennifer L. and Jonathan E. Pickering Sr. to The Bank of New York; $81,200 

V/L Township Road 1102; Susan M. Raschke and Jessica L. Elliot to David A. and Jennie L. Elliot; $47,250

975 Township Road 783, Nankin; The Bank of New York Mellon to Gary Howard Fortney

934 State Route 58, Ashland; Cathy Kaeser, Rhonda Offhaus, Regina Sklenicka and Lisa Burgess to Tyler C. and Melissa A. Bates; $147,000

979 Township Road 783, Ashland; R and J Ag. Mfg. to Steven D. Spoerr; $20,000

Perry Township

403 County Road 1302, Polk; Jennifer L. Drininger to Sherry A. Butcher; $154,000

Ruggles Township

V/L Township Road 346, Greenwich; Linda L. Knee to Donald R. and Dreama M. Beattie; $150,000

1370 U.S. Route 224, New London; Melody Pinson to Route 60 Auto Services LLC; $85,000

Sullivan Township 

County Road 500, Sullivan; Eli J. and Deliah Swartzentruber and Peter S. and Rebecca Hershberger to Peter S. and Rebecca Hershberger; $38,885

V/L County Road 681, Sullivan; Charles E. and Karen L. Mitchell to Chris and Wendy Bayle; $20,000

1.5 Acres of land, Sullivan; Robert and Juanita Kilbane to Kenneth and Barbara SeWalish; $51,000

440 State Route 224, Sullivan; Carl and Susan Eichelberger to Bayview Loan Servicing; $25,000

54 and 62 County Road 281, Sullivan; River Pointe Development to Kimberly Ann Bordonaro, Trustee; $52,000

58 County Road 281, Sullivan; River Pointe Development to Kimberly Ann Bordonaro, Trustee; $26,000

Vermillion Township

83 S. Mechanic Street, Hayesville; Ryan H. and Shawna M. Stackhouse to Tucker D. Conrad and Felicia C. Adkins; $150,000

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