ASHLAND — Ashland County commissioners approved a grant from the Ohio EPA that will allow for the creation of an agricultural tire removal event later this summer.

The $48,026 grant will also allow the Ashland County Solid Waste Management District to mail educational fliers to residents about the relatively new recycling program, said Jim Skora, the waste district’s coordinator.

The overall cost of the project, which spans from July 1 to June 30, 2023, will cost $60,032, Skora said — meaning the county will match $12,006.

The idea for an agricultural tire removal event came from other counties that have done something similar in the past. It allows farmers to dispose of agricultural tires for $1 apiece — a much more affordable price than some places that charge up to $10 per tire.

The tire disposal event will take place sometime in late August or early September, Skora said. There will be no limit on how many tires a farmer can drop off, but Ashland County farmers will be required to register ahead of the event.

Skora said people shouldn’t confuse the agriculture tire event with the county’s existing tire voucher program, which provides a way for Ashland County residents to get rid of smaller tires by obtaining vouchers.

The agriculture tire program is part of the county’s overhaul of its recycling program. In late June, the county launched a program that now includes large bins scattered throughout the county.

The solid waste district has also hosted two hazardous household waste events since last year, the latest of which was held June 4 at the Ashland County Fairgrounds.

Skora hopes the combination grant from the Ohio EPA will help him educate Ashland County residents on the new recycling program through four rounds of mailings.

The fliers will contain information on what is and what is not accepted in the recycle bins and other information about the program, Skora said.

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