Bandsaws are an investment you make for your business. You must use them correctly to get the appropriate lifespan out of the blade.

Your bandsaw blade deteriorates with use, but daily maintenance and correct usage are two tips to help prolong the life of your bandsaw blade. Keep reading for a few other helpful suggestions:

Ensure correct tension

Bandsaw blade models have different ideal tension settings. With time, you’ll find ways to nail the correct tension your bandsaw blade requires. If the cut is straight and the edge isn’t slipping on the wheels while cutting, you have the proper tension.

If you spot a bow in the stock you’re working on, you may need to add tension, especially when the stock is thick. Several machines come with a tension guide you can use as a baseline. The guidebook may not be completely accurate, so operate the bandsaw carefully. The more you work with it, the more experience you’ll gain. Soon, you’ll know what each sound means and understand how it performs.

Look after your equipment

Paying attention to your equipment and looking after it correctly will repay you in leaps and bounds. After using your bandsaw, clean it and remove the swarf. This tip will prolong the life of your bandsaw blade.

Follow proper break-in procedures

The edge of a bandsaw blade is incredibly sharp when you first install it. Breaking it in is essential to extending the bandsaw blade’s life. Maintain the recommended speeds, reduce the feed pressure, and run the saw at these settings for the first 50 square inches of the material you’re cutting.


If you’re working with mild or low-carbon steel, maintain these break-in settings for the first 150 square inches.

Stripped teeth equals a big problem

If you notice the material begins to shred, stripping has occurred. Stripping happens for a few reasons:

• The material is improperly secured

• The speed is too low

• The feed rate is too high

Old machine parts can put stress on a bandsaw blade. Pay attention to signs you may need to replace your blade to avoid breaking other features.

By using these tips for each bandsaw blade, you’ll get more use out of your bandsaw and find yourself needing to change it out less frequently.

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