ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from April 26 to May 30.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


884 Ridge Road, Ashland; Michael T. and Lee Ann Mooney and Karen M. Jackson; $290,000.

317 Carroll St., Ashland; The Estate of Jack Coleman to Kevin and Jackie Benner; $44,000.

228 Banning Ave., Ashland; Anne F. and Robert M. Beer to Martin A. Royer; $135,000.

449 East Ninth St., Ashland; Ryan and Nichoel Wickham to John K. Young; $75,000.

516 Sandusky St., Ashland; Broken Properties LLC to Robert Raymond Ross; $154,900.

1300 Myers Ave., Ashland; Arrow Properties Ltd. to DJB Rentals LLC; $71,500.

413 Perry St., Ashland; Roxanne L. Brock to Andrew A. and Briahnon E. Plank; $135,000.

305 West Walnut St., Ashland; Paula J. and Richard R. Tucker to Vicki Lynn Howman; $85,000.

209 Freer Court, Ashland; Shirley A. Denbow to David C. Denbow; $150,000.

740 Garmon St., Ashland; Charles H. and Barbara J. Deter to Sarah B. Nulph; $120,000.

429 Sandusky St., Ashland; Jackson Lefever and Devan Lowman to Isaac and Kiana Waterman; $190,000.

137 Lincoln Ave., Ashland; Scott Gray to Kevin Hootman; $20,705.12.

21 East 12th St., Ashland; Estate of Helen Louise Powers to Nathan, ShaNa and Jeffrey Benner and Joe Heifner; $35,000.

706 West 18th St., Ashland; Shirley Crawford to BBW Rentals LLC; $39,667.

1006 Hale Ave., Ashland; Freda S. Spake to U.S. Bank Trust National Association; $115,100.

1267 Thomas Drive, Ashland; Larry L. Gregg to Sarah M. Park; $170,000.

108 Highland Blvd., Ashland; Jacob and Ellen Freeborn-Moss to Colton R. Quick; $173,101. 

137 Sherman Ave., Ashland; Justin P. Blair to Felicia J. Lunghi; $180,000.

458 East Fourth St., Ashland; Sharon E. Cantleberry to Anntelena Cicero; $97,000.

1332 Carriage Hill Court, Ashland; Kathleen D. Wendling to Benjamin and Emy-Lynn Marhulik; $317,500.

1601 Cottage St., Ashland; MSP Properties of Ohio LP to Exchangeright; $1,395,019.

194 Sharon Ave., Rickey A. Pierce to Robert J. Elliott and Samantha L. Benner; $144,000.

221 College Ave., Ashland; William Summers and Michael Hubbard to Logan Metcalf and Alaina Crabbe; $240,000.

904 Wick Ave., Ashland; Jason R. and Lisa A. Turner to Jeremy R. Turner; $93,500.

923 Union St., Ashland; Tammie Radcliff to Mark S. Bishop; $70,000.

129 Steele Ave., Ashland; Renee D. and Robert A. Seigler to Brian E. Hess; $152,500.

1169-1173 Commerce Parkway, Ashland; Edward D. Howman to M&F Enterprise LLC; $1,000,000.

859 Ridge Road, Ashland; Brandon M. Brown to Sydney R. Zierden; $222,000.

852 East Bank St., Ashland; Gene S. and Sara Johnson to Edin Humberto Palma Tome and Angie Scarle Cabajal Hidalgo; $189,000.

818 Center St., Ashland; Sean and Megan Seder to Allen L. Collins II and Sarah J.W. Collins; $315,000.

1160 Pheasant Run Lane, Ashland; Bryan Franklin and Mark Edward Lefelhoc to Kevin and Katherine Harrigan; $190,000.

642 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Gerald F. and Ceryl L. Cole to Julie P. Pask; $129,000.

1127 Columbus Circle South, Ashland; Don A. Breed Jr. and Debra A. Breed to Michael A. Breed and Hannah M. Valentine; $285,000.

117 Lilac Lane, Ashland; Steve P. Bedwell to Tammy Ahl; $78,820.

2221 Ford Drive, Ashland; SJE-Rhombus Property LLC to MDV SJE MN and OH LLC; $7,499,485.

121 East Liberty St., Ashland; Raunda L. Ho and Yong Pom Ho to GSD LLC; $91,000.

307 Vine St., Ashland; Josiah L., Thomas L. and James C. Mason to Van Stee Ventures LLC; $45,000.

Clear Creek Township 

815 Ridge Road, Ashland; The Estate of Phillip R. Hamrick to Nathan M. and Lilianna J. Ahrens; $85,000.

1425 County Road 1008, Ashland; Erica Bays to Jeremy Scott Dibert; $175,000.

Green Township

Parcel along North Spring Street, Loudonville; 520 N. Spring LLC by Sheriff E. Wayne Risner to Richard Cabeza LLC; $13,635.11.

10 acres along State Route 60, Loudonville; Foose Properties LLC to Brian James Koch; $130,416.

1030 State Route 95, Perrysville; Lisa M. Smith to David J. and Viola I. Kauffman; $175,000.

614 North Water St., Loudonville; Carol Gaines and Cynthia K. Gentle; $128,500.

413 North Water St., Loudonville; DBC II Properties LLC to Golf Bail Manufacturer’s LLC; $70,000.

2704 State Route 60, Loudonville; Seth P. and Jalon K. McFadden to Justin L. Ziegler; $230,000.

Hanover Township

525 East Main St., Louonville; Orren E. Reynolds to Ashton L. Fordenwalt and Brianna M. Beall; $100,000.

105 North Mount Vernon Ave., Loudonville; Jacob W. and Bonnie Rose Bright to Jacob W. Bright; $173,613.88.

121 North Water St., Loudonville; Michael Ray Beans to Bilancini Holdings LLC; $135,000.

747 South Mount Vernon Ave., Colonial Manor Properties LLC to Sloan Holding LLC; $0.

164 acres along County Road 3364, Hanover Township; Florence V. Satina, James E. Woodford and Patricia A. Woodford to William L. and Rebecca K. Parrott; $3,800.

263 West Main St., Loudonville; Redbird Rental Properties LLC to 2 Rivers Holdings LLC; $215,000.

920 A. ODNR 51, Perrysville; Megan M. Michaelson and Suzanne M. Goodenberger to Jefferson T. Carter; $70,000.


Jackson Township 

2271 Pinella Court, West Salem; Douglas Brodwolf to Wayne County Hometown Handyman LLC; $3,000.

3258 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Tina Hobrath to Wayne County Hometown Handyman LLC; $2,000.

3266 Arrick Drive, West Salem; Matthew J. Ridgeway to Wayne County Hometown Handyman LLC; $3,200.

2037 Coriander Drive, Ashland; Marilyn A. Kwiatkowski to Wayne County Hometown Handyman LLC; $3,000.

1409 Minosa Lane, West Salem; Carol E. Sharp to Wayne County Hometown Handyman LLC; $1,500.

727 Township Road 101, West Salem; Jonathan M. and Mara A. Welch; $425,000.

214 East Congress St., Polk; Robert and Jennifer Boerwinkle to Vernon Lively; $127,200.

9.9 acres of County Road 700, West Salem; Sam D. and Elisabeth Swartzentruber to Harvey J. and Delila Swartzentruber; $71,874.

1405 Laurel Drive, West Salem; Aneta M. Harris to Jeffrey and Debra Ullom; $175,000. 

2033 Coriander Drive, West Salem; Lyle Eugene and Christine Marie Jeske to Shawn A. and Nichole A. Martin; $215,000.

Cinnamon Lake Subdivision Unit 1, Lot 466, Jackson Township; Stephen Fabian to Dale Breining; $2,760.

Mifflin Township

1156 Township Road 2306, Perrysville; Marcus C. Christian to Lucas Richard Sweeney and Ashton Mackey; $75,450.

Milton Township

1292 State Route 603, Ashland; Raymond N. and Amanda E. Keim to Reuben J. and Susan A. Wengerd; $230,000. 

1204 State Route 96, Ashland; Yvette Gardner to Dianne Marie Dreyer; $38,000.

1230 State Route 96, Ashland; Yvette Gardner to Dianne Marie Dreyer; $40,000.

1218 State Route 96, Ashland; Yvette Gardner to Dianne Marie Dreyer; $150,000.

1224 Township Road 1433, Ashland; Ryan D. and Elizabeth N. Wires to Brandon and Jennifer Brown; $359,000.

Mohican Township 

26 East Main St., Jeromesville; David E. and Phyllis A. Weaver to Julie S. Stillwagner; $150,000.

29 South High St., Jeromesville; Terence R. and Rebecca S. Burton to KS1 LLC; $95,000.

39 County Road 30A, Jeromesville; Mary Elizabeth Heywood to Jeffrey Robert Gier and Michelle R. Gier; $422,000.

Montgomery Township 

1181 Township Road 653, Ashland; Alfred Maurice and Caitlyn Ailene Sullivan; $305,000.

1669 County Road 995, Ashland; Matt and Holli White to Alton R. and Marie M. Boehs; $325,000.

1326 Township Road 853, Ashland; Three-C Rentals LLC to Andrianna R. Bishir; $16,000.

Orange Township 

877 Township Road 851, Ashland; Robert J. and Christie A. Fair to Nathan C. and Olivia C. Dufrey; $175,000.

825 Township Road 851, Ashland; Lyubomyr  and Taras Turchyn to Robert G. Chatman Jr. and Joni M. Chatman; $435,000.

600 County Road 801, Ashland; Jayce A. Geer to Frank U. Yuhasz and Carolyn E. Dandalides; $60,000.

1 acre of vacant property along Township Road 851, Ashland; James L. Finch to Jody R. Luikart; $9,270.

Perry Township 

176 Township Road 1402, Polk; Erin E. and Megan K. Dunbar to Mark and Shirley Gilliland; $35,000. 

Perrysville Village

121 West Third St., Perrysville; The Estate of Anita C. Coey to Julie and Stephen Conley; $121,000.

Sullivan Township

6.1 acres of vacant land along Township Road 581, Sullivan; Raymond J. Wilford Jr. and Michelle D. Wilford; $75,000.

502 Church St., Sullivan; B&K Enterprizes LLC to Crispen Apartments LLC; $125,000.

Troy Township 

1035 U.S. Route 224, Nova; Harold C. Bills to Ralph J. Amick and Lanetta Moore; $45,000.

1035 U.S. Route 224, Nova; Ralph J. Amick and Lanetta Moore to Ralph Jason Michael Amick and Cassandra May Amick; $40,000.

Vermillion Township

45 acres along Township Road 2156, Ashland; Shelar Properties IV LLC to Roy O. and Willis O. Mast; $428,926.05.

1835 County Road 1095, Ashland; Jeffrey Heichel to Zachary T. Bernard; $150,000.

2041 Township Road 585, Jeromesville; Michael Landis Taylor to Elmer B. and Ruth Ann Sensenig; $400,000.

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