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After years of planning and hard work, the Buckeye Imagination Museum is finally ready to fulfill their mission of empowering families through the power of play. The highly anticipated public opening of the museum’s second floor is scheduled for Aug. 9 at 10:00 a.m., marking a significant milestone for the museum and the Mansfield community.

Prior to the public opening, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 8 exclusively for donors and supporters. On Aug. 4 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., members will have the opportunity to explore the upper floor before its official opening.

Fred Boll, Executive Director of Buckeye Imagination Museum, expressed excitement about the upcoming public opening.

“We’re fulfilling our mission and now we can provide the entire family an opportunity to play. When you bring your family through the museum, there is something for everyone to do,” Boll said.

The museum’s two floors are designed to cater to different age groups, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience for visitors of all generations. The first floor is geared towards children ages two to 10, while the second floor is tailored for older children ages 10 and up.

The second floor of Buckeye Imagination Museum has a variety of games to stimulate the mind like this touch square wall

The additional level brings great emphasis on the importance of creating a space for those in the 14-21 age group, a generation that does not commonly have an interest in museums. It is made to encourage social interaction and friendly competition among family members.

“All of the exhibits are designed to create interaction, create those memorable moments where parents and children can interact in a very positive way.”

Buckeye Imagination Museum is bringing unique activities to the community such as laser racing tunnels, six person air hockey, the floor is lava and paper airplane cannons, promising to create memorable moments for all.

In addition to catering to families, the museum has plans to host adult-only nights, where 21+ can enjoy the exhibits, music, food and beverages in a relaxed setting.

“We will run the adult-only evenings after hours. The whole second floor is going to be perfect for adults and there will be plenty of opportunity to have social interactions with others,” Boll said.

Buckeye Imagination Museum brought in many artists to create masterpieces all over the walls on the second floor. 

Buckeye Imagination Museum’s impact is not limited to the immediate community. The museum has already attracted visitors from outside city limits, with 56% of its business coming from visitors beyond Richland County. The museum’s goal is to make Mansfield a destination that families want to visit, ultimately contributing to the community’s growth.

The museum is grateful for the support of its sponsors, who have played a vital role in making the vision a reality.

“Sponsorships are very important to the museum and we truly appreciate all of the support,” Boll said. “We still have some opportunities for sponsorships on the second floor if anyone is interested.”

As the public opening approaches, excitement continues to build within the community. With new unique exhibits and opportunities for whole family play, Buckeye Imagination Museum is poised to become a centerpiece for fun and learning in Mansfield.

For more information on Buckeye Imagination Museum and their upcoming events, visit their website or call 419-522-2332.

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