ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from June 22 to July 25.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


112 Lindale Ave., Ashland; Dennis Noltin to Ashten Beiler; $136,500.

678 Katherine Ave., Unit D, Ashland; Michael A. Wolf to Troy A. Thomas; $80,000.

316 Prospect St., Ashland; Sheri Gross to Alex Imhoff; $7,250.

1773 Kingwood Drive, Loudonville; Judith Ann Ingraham to Sharon K. Linn; $240,000.

452 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Linda S. Geaslen to Scott Alan Metzger; $0.

910 East Bank St., Ashland; Melissa Recchio to Andrew S. Recchio; $112,000.

502 West 15th St., Ashland; Lisa F. Harmon to Jackie B. Littleton Jr.; $25,000.

200 West Walnut St., Ashland; Ashland REI, LLC to Legacy Core Line, LLC; $650,000.

202 Freer Court, Ashland; Marcia Jean Carter to Ronald W. and Norma L. Waters; $226,050.

519 Cherry Ave., Ashland; Brian M. and Jennifer K. Wade to Shannon K. Motz; $130,000.

233 Highland Blvd., Ashland; Jeremiah and Lisa Lang to Sean R. Bartley; $234,000.

1008 Valley Drive, Ashland; Suzanne L. Mosier to Megan K. and Hueston M. Holder; $255,000.

936 Overlook Drive, Ashland; Jo and Simon Poulin to Branden Barber; $180,000.

1006 Hale Ave., Ashland; U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Eric Hicks; $150,000.

1315 Meadow Lane, Ashland; Penton Properties LLC to Edna Knight; $199,900.

434 East Liberty St., Ashland; Nicole M. Colby to Louie Clayton Lambert IV and Aleasha Reann Lambert; $112,500.

821 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Edna Knight to Sterling and Irma Hardesty; $260,000.

1215 Broad St., Ashland; Lisa M. Busby to Kyle L. and Lauren S. Howman; $130,600.

57 Samaritan Ave., Ashland; Martha Young to Daniel and Nadejda Williams; $200,000.

710 Chestnut St., Ashland; The Harvey E. Buzzard Living Trust to TAD2 Consulting LLC; $88,525.

301 Sloan Ave., Ashland; John C. Hovsepian to Luis L. and Donna Jean Cruz; $163,000.

1007 Foxhaven Drive, Ashland; Brandon H. Harris to Nikki R. McClure; $235,000.

214 Lindale Ave., Ashland; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Heartland Extreme, LLC; $80,000.

1135 Clifton Ave., Ashland; Ryan R. and Gina L. Koppler to Raquel Ray Copley; $38,882.55.

1478 Smith Road, Ashland; Linda Ann Kerschner and Joyce A. Lumley to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $136,250.

1085 Shady Lane, Ashland; Roberta Jo Young to Joel L. and Carolyn Sue Roscoe; $200,200.

870 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Estate of Wanda J. Kerr to Anne L. Dom-Tabeek; $149,000.

248 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Natalie McCracken to Tyler and Alexis McFarlin; $261,000.

191 Lincoln Ave., Ashland; Estate of Lois Jean Stephens to Dustin and Kayleigh Regan; $128,000.

420 Church St., Ashland; Emromow LLC to Top Flight Real Estate, LLC; $65,000.

919 Center St., Ashland; Janis A. Courtright to Amy Blanton; $300,000.

1754 Deermeadow Court, Ashland; Dennis E. Harris and Vickie S. Fishpaw to John T. and T. Lucille Ullman; $260,000.

1390 Edgewood Drive, Ashland; Chase A. and Emily N. Ritchie to Heather D. and Bryan Gribben; $255,000.

312 East Ninth St., Ashland; Jerry D. and Beverly A. Chance to Keegan and Holly Lantz; $30,000.

10 Delafield Ave., Ashland; Stephen J. and Vikki L. Leasure to Jessica Gedney; $105,500.

138 High St., Ashland; James D. and Emma E. Delay to Jennifer Lynn and Timothy Guthrie; $143,000.

409 Pleasant St., Ashland; Chad C. Owens to Taylor D. Groscost; $88,000.

15 West 10th St., Ashland; Judy A. Faciana to SKOR Properties LLC; $70,000.

1403 Edgewood Drive, Ashland; Robert L. and Ethel M. Keys to Joseph M. Lewis Jr. and Lindsay E. Lewis; $225,000.

45 Delafield Ave., Bucket List Real Estate LLC to Austin Davis and Shelby Mitchell; $131,000.

1239 Myers Ave., Ashland; David R. and Shasta L. Cable to Judy Faciana; $420,000.

306 Dorchester St., Ashland; Waymark LLC to Okoye Hamilton; $169,900.

33 Leawood Ave., Ashland; Andrew N. Bush to Brenda Bowman; $290,000.

Clear Creek Township 

7 Chapel St., Nova; Divvy Homes Warehouse I, LLC to Michael and Dana Emmons; $141,580.

Green Township

2539 State Route 60, Loudonville; Adam W. Wolfe to Baylie and Trevor Badertscher; $85,000.

2.3 acres along Township Road 2474, Loudonville; Jacob and Elsie H. Eicher to Samuel N. and Amy Nisely; $45,000.

132 Weltmer Circle, Perrysville; Stacie A. Smith to Joseph P. Heath Jr., Beth B. Heath, James J. Bleadingheiser; $205,000.

970 Township Road 2466, Perrysville; Rita Dianne Leibolt to Rachael Michelle Leibolt; $0.

420 Riverside Drive, Loudonville; Phillip Fierst to Catherine D. Anthony-Porter; $62,500.

643 State Route 39, Loudonville; Sandra M. Dobbs to Amanda J. Lipscomb; $190,000.

828 State Route 95, Loudonville; Shelar II, LLC to Darlow C. and Beverly J. Bartram; $163,894.60.

2737 County Road 967, Perrysville; Shelar II, LLC to Sage Properties 1, LLC; $47,032.67.

2737 County Road 967, Perrysville; Shelar II, LLC to Lehman Hillside Rentals LLC; $183,750.

Hanover Township

3447 County Road 959, Loudonville; Marvin H. and Delila L. Mast to Andrew J. and Kristy Marie Miller; $350,000.

Jackson Township 

251 Township Road 1080, Polk; Alexander P. Toski to Deborah A. Wuthrich; $200,000.

6121 Cinnamon Drive East, West Salem; Brandi M. Frederick to Nancy Marie Polan; $85,000.

4142 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Joey J. and Lisa M. Wray to Adam J. and Diana J. Rhodes; $279,900.

3243 Curaso Drive, West Salem; Neely N. Parsons to Jonathan Sutphin and Brittany Miller; $196,900.

4202 Majorna Drive, West Salem; Rosemarie Spisak, Raymond R. Hirsch Jr. and Thomas J. Hirsch to Mary Anne Golba and John Chastain; $368,000.

45 Byrrh Place, West Salem; Natalie Riley to Scott and Karyn Calaway; $269,900.


10 Main St., Jeromesville; Shad T. Remaley and Robin D. Remaley to Jeremiah Cordes; $16,000.


605 Snyder Drive, Louonville; Felix W. and Jenny Seffens to Andrew and Kari Francis; $175,000.

542 Vincent Drive, Loudonville; Sharon Linn to Lisa M. Cowley; $220,000.

318 North Market St., Loudonville; Marshall A. Sipes to Jacob T. and Emily J. Sage; $159,900.

221 South Wood St., Loudonville; James M. Mayer to MY Enterprise LLC; $75,000.

Mifflin Township

91.7 acres along Township Road 1875, Ashland; JCL Farms LLC to Gerald E. and Vicki Young; $893,527.50.

85 North Ohio St., Ashland; Freddie L. and Philene L. Craig to Skye C. Whytsell; $0.

204 Yacht Point Drive, Lucas; Ian G. and Mary Lynn Pac-Urar to Kyle A. and Ellen M. Gustafson; $350,000.

Milton Township

1487 County Road 1475, Ashland; Levi A. and Esther L. Troyer to Alvin J. Byler, Sarah E. Raber and Johnny E. Byler; $337,700.

1433 Township Road 1353, Ashland; Estate of Betty L. Vetter to Brandon H. Harris; $250,000.

1311 County Road 1153, Ashland; J. Nathan Shultz to Carolyn D. Brown; $507,000.

1446 State Route 96, Ashland; Joseph M. and Lindsay E. Lewis to William Louis Marino Jr. and Loren Patrice Marino; $380,000.

Mohican Township 

224 Township Road 2100, Jeromesville; Estate of Judith A. Hootman to Robert E. Poynter; $80,000.

165 Locustdale Drive, Jeromesville; The Estate of Jo Ann Tennant to Gregory and Susan Loney; $120,000.

2201 County Road 2175, Perrysville; Carl Wayne and Glen Dyck to Kelvin L. and Erma E. Gable; $395,000.

593 County Road 2000, Jeromesville; Jason S. Enderle to Joshua M. and Barbara Ann Wilson; $357,500.

280 County Road 2000, Jeromesville; Kimberly E. Mitchell to Jason S. Enderle; $225,000.

2293 State Route 179, Loudonville; Richard A. and Sharon L. Crosby to Brent S. Coffman; $45,000.

Montgomery Township 

802 Township Road 1600, Ashland; Vickie L. and Joni L. Stoll to Jonathan L. and Juliet L. Burras; $600,000.

1175 Township Road 793, Ashland; Kevin and Remy June Foeman to Bryce M. Stormer; $225,000.

1369 Township Road 653, Ashland; Joshua L. Bailey and Kelsey M. Van Dyne; $226,000.

805 Township Road 1600, Ashland; Zane and Debra L. Gross to David A. and Shara A. Posey; $335,000.

1581 County Road 995, Ashland; Chuck and Kimberly K. Fisher to Allen Dewayne Hayes; $78,600.

Orange Township 

770 State Route 511, Ashland; Scott M. Trimpey to Nicholas and Kara Hout; $325,000.

0 County Road 801, Ashland; Hildebrand Farms LLC to Brice and Rachel Huff; $135,000.

Perry Township 

15.51 acres along Township Road 1150, Ashland; Richard J. Schiefelbein to Randy and Shawna Evans; $140,000.

1684 Township Road 251, Jeromesville; Gregg and Cindy Funk to Joshua and Amanda Allis; $5,250.

5.9 acres at 1148 State Route 89, Ashland; Clifford R. and Catherine L. Campbell to Dylan R. Campbell; $25,000.

Perrysville Village

139 East Third St., Perrysville; Martin L. Robinson to Michelle Bash, Donald Purcell, Lane Harper and Connor Harper; $68,250.

Polk Village

402 North Main St., Polk; Charles Terry Piatt to TA Pickering Properties, LLC; $25,000.

Ruggles Township

0 State Route 60, Greenwich; Teresa A. Newsome to Bradley A. Fennewald; $0.

334 Township Road 1101, Nova; Ted B. and Pamela K. Lively to Lester M. and Melanie L. Fox; $495,000.

302 State Route 60, Greenwich; Susan Copsey to Scott Hughes; $185,000.

Savannah Village

Sullivan Township

279 County Road 281, Sullivan; Jon A. Leemaster to Michael A. Matty Jr. and Jamie Devine; $270,000.

656 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Roy Dotson Jr. and Jewel Dotson to Steven and Brittany Stewart; $100,000.

Troy Township

172 State Route 511, Nova; Terri Lee Banks to Adam Michel; $87,000.

Vacant land along Township Road 346, Nova; Kilbane to Rodney B. Gregory; $33,000. 

34.46 acres along State Route 511, Nova; Robert C. Robertson to Collins Farm LLC; $258,480.

Vermillion Township

2263 Township Road 1097, Perrysville; Louis and Rosemarie Drusbacky to Joshua R. and Shawna R. Hahn; $0.

1700 B County Road 995, Ashland; Charles W. and Kimberly K. Fisher to Mark and Tammy Price; $0.

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